Research Team

Research Team

The TRIA-Net Project takes an innovative approach, bringing together a multidisciplinary team of researchers in insect biology, plant genetics, fungal genetics, population genomics and ecological risk modeling.

By integrating spearhead genomic work, insect and fungal biology, and tree physiology with population genetics and ecological modeling, the team has a golden opportunity to be world leading in the understanding of the complex interaction that determines the disease dynamics.
(Anonymous) International Peer Reviewer

The interdisciplinary approach in this project constitutes one of its most important assets.
(Anonymous) International Peer Reviewer


Joerg Bohlmann Ph.D (Network Co-Director)

Janice Cooke Ph.D (Network Director)

Seb Lackey Ph.D (Project Manager)

Dezene Huber Ph.D

Dave Coltman Ph.D

Richard Hamelin Ph.D

Patrick James Ph.D

Brent Murray Ph.D

Felix Sperling Ph.D

Philippe Tanguay Ph.D

Allan Carroll Ph.D

Nadir Erbilgin Ph.D

Maya Evenden Ph.D

Mark Lewis Ph.D

Lael Parrott Ph.D


Tod Ramsfield Ph.D

Brian Aukema Ph.D

Barry Cooke Ph.D

Scott Heckbert Ph.D

Rebecca Taylor Ph.D

Louis Bernier Ph.D


Taylor Scarr Ph.D

Jacinthe LeClerc

Keith McClain Ph.D

Dave Swindlehurst

Erica Samis

Fiona Ross

Jakub Olesinski

Tom Daniels

Rory McIntosh Ph.D

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