Upcoming Conferences

Upcoming Conferences

The following list of conferences may be of general interest. To bring an upcoming conference to our attention please contact us.

2013 Conferences

FORSYS 2013. Decision Support Systems for Sustainable Forest Management. April 24-26, 2013. Umea, Sweden.

35th Symposium on biotechnology for Fuels and Chemcials. April 29-May 2, 2013. Portland, OR.

8th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society fo Ecology and Evolution (CSEE). May 12-15, 2013. Kelowna, BC.

Planted Forests on the Globe. Renewable Resources for the Future. May 16-21, 2013. Estoril, Portugal.

Tree Biotechnology 2013 Conference. Forest Biotechnology: Meeting the Needs of a Changing World. May 26 – June 13, 2013. Asheville, NC.

Forest Genetics 2013. July 22-25, 2013. Whistler, BC.

International Chemical Ecology Conference 2013. August 19-22, 2013. Melbourne, Australia.

JSM 2013. Joint Statistical Meetings. August 3-8, 2013. Montreal, QC.

Plant Biology 2013. July 20-24, 2013. Providence, RI.

ESA 2013. 98th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America. August 4-9, 2013. Minneapolis, MN.

Entomology 2013. November 17-20, 2013. Austin, TX.

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